How to stay focused while still being a Mom

Being a mom is a busy job. It takes allot of hard work and dedication. Wanting the very best for your kids is part of wanting to work from home. 

You still want to be able to provide a good home life for your kids but be able to bring in a steady income to help provide a nice lifestyle for your kids. It would also be nice to once in a while get to earn enough extra money to go to the spa once in a while and treat yourself to something nice. God knows we get used and abused probably more than any other species on the planet.

I am still trying to get my kids to do simple things on their own so I am not feeding them by a spoon for the rest of their lives.

Teaching them independence is part of growing up, but we too as mothers need some independence, some self gratification, what better a way to get that then working from home, earning our own income, and yet still being a Mom, a good Mom.

What I like to do is make a list in the morning. Being a mom comes first. Always for me in  my life. So after you get them off to school and you are having your coffee, write a list of what you have to get done for the day. Resign yourself to the fact that some days you are going to have allot of computer time, while other days you may not. This is still ok. Even one hour can make a difference in filling out a few surveys with your favorite companies.

Making a List and checking it twice...

1.  Make  a list of what needs to be done for the day.

2.  Being organized is important to being able to stay on task.

3.  Always stay on task...Some surveys and web sites can be so wordy and you can get caught up in reading things that dont pertain to you, then before you know it your internet time is up and its time for Baseball practice, and you haven't gotten anything done online that you wanted to. It is so easy to get discouraged but the important thing you need to remember is to stay focussed, and think about making money for your family! don't loose sight of why you came to this web site in the first place.

4.  Once you've done that then get on there and start filling out survey's! And good luck!

Logging & Keeping track of Everything.

As mom's we tend to think oh "I will remember" I mean after all between 4 kids and 4 different schedules I can remember when to give cough medicine , when to get to baseball practice, when to pick up and drop off at play dates etc. but when it comes to something simple like calling my girlfriend back  I go completly blank . Then a few days later I realize "oh crap! I have to call her back!" or sometimes, even worse... you never remember!

So what I did (after learning the hard way of course) was bought a notepad just for me, so I could log all my important info. in it. You can get caught up with so many different survey companies you start forgetting passwords or mixing them up with others, it gets confusing. So my advice is to save every single one  you are a member with in your "favorites" section of the computer. And also to log all information on paper, and keep it some where safe where your little ones don't decide to draw you a picture all over it. haha...but if they do just tell them it's pretty and buy a new one :)

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